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Why Choose Mark III

At Mark III Employee Benefits, we are your insurance experts. Our team of experienced finance officers, insurance carrier representatives and underwriters, and former top school officials work for you – the employer and employee – to provide the best insurance solutions possible. We are a true independent broker so we will shop for the insurance service that best meets your needs.

  • Independent Broker for Over 40 Years
  • Largest Family-Owned Broker in the Carolinas
  • More than 130 Large Group Customers
  • Target Size Customer 150 to 5,000 Employees
  • School Districts, City and County Governments, and More
  • Ability to secure excellent services at the lowest prices for the value thus increasing employee net pay
  • Commitment to communicating product offerings in multiple ways, including high quality video production through our in-house services
  • Guarantee that all employees can get insurance no matter what existing conditions may be
  • Benefit consultants who inform rather than push sales to reduce pressure on your staff

What Our Clients Are Saying

Forsyth County selected Mark III in 1992 and at that time used their services to obtain term life insurance. Over the years they have added Short-Term Disability, Dental Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, and the final addition of Health Insurance. During this time they have provided the County with exceptional service on every level. Mark III’s staff members are consummate professionals that go above and beyond. They are attentive, timely, and organized. They provide excellent services that allow us to, in turn, provide quality and affordable benefits to our employees.

-Staci Kelso, Benefits Administrator at Forsyth County, NC

…Mark III is partnering with us to look at benefit options for our upcoming enrollment. They provide a wide variety of options at better prices than we could secure on our own. The staff at Mark III is extremely knowledgeable on the legal aspects, current practices and market trends concerning benefit management. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and dedicated staff offering outstanding benefit options with the best prices are some of the reasons I recommend Mark III without hesitation.

-Deborah Jolly, Director of Human Resources at City of Shelby, NC

Guilford County Schools has had a partnership with Mark III Brokerage, Inc. since 1993. Mark III provides superb customer service, expert knowledge of market trends and products as well as competitive prices. I completely trust their services and dedicated staff.

-Patricia Kinkade, Retired Director of Benefits at Guilford County Schools, NC

The City of Charlotte selected Mark III as our voluntary benefits consultant in 2012. Mark III conducted several voluntary benefit procurement processes and associated implementations for the City of Charlotte. They are extremely knowledgeable and thorough in the voluntary benefits market and they were very thorough in the evaluation process.
We wanted a consultant that would be unbiased in vendor selection and also liked the fact that their enrollers are salaried and employed by Mark III. Their enrollers are educators and very knowledgeable. They are not pressuring our employees to buy products. We also have engaged Mark III to assist with one on one Open Enrollment in certain areas of our workforce to help employees complete their online enrollment. The staff at Mark III is extremely responsive and professional to work with. I would highly recommend Mark III.

-Anna Ellis, CEBS, Benefits Manager at City of Charlotte

Cabarrus County Schools selected Mark III after an extensive RFP process. We actually compared their voluntary products to other brokers as part of our selection process and we thought the competitive pricing and benefits would provide our employees the best service level. They have been handling all our enrollments, communication and administration of voluntary benefits for several years.
Mark III has been very helpful with their staff providing our employees with excellent customer services. Mark III has also provided assistance with the interpretation and implementation of some of the legal aspects of the Affordable Health Care Act. We have found the staff and management to be extremely dedicated to timely response and excellent service. Thanks to Mark III our annual enrollment process goes very smoothly and our employees like the interaction and communication from the enrollment process.

-Kelly H. Klutz, CPA, Chief Financial Officer at Cabarrus County Schools

It has been my pleasure to work with Mark III as the benefits administrator for Asheville City Schools for a number of years. They were selected by a committe through a rigorous RFP process and have provided excellent service to our employees.
Mark III has always been attentive and responsive to our needs and requests, and their employees are well-versed in current law and industry practices. From their hands-on CEO and throughout the organization, they are true professionals with extensive training, experience, and a customer-oriented philosophy.
I give Mark III my highest recommendation.

-Timothy F. Amos, Assistant Superintendent – Business & Support Services at Asheville City Schools

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to recommend Mark III Brokerage, Inc. as my vendor of choice to provide employee benefits to our employees. Mark III Brokerage and Cumberland County Government have partnered for nearly ten years to provide benefit options for our employees and I feel we are providing the best products available on the market. Mark III Brokerage continuously evaluates market conditions looking for value and service in the companies that do business with Cumberland County employees and accepting no less than the best.
Mark III Brokerage has continually provided Cumberland County with quality service while keeping in mind the customers wants and needs. If something is not quite right with the service of a vendor, the management team of Mark III will endeavor immediately to make the situation right for the customer.
Mark III Brokerage employs the latest technologies to make open enrollment as easy as possible for the employees and the staff of the benefits department. The technology also allows employees to view available benefits online and to download any forms they might need.
The value of the service Mark III Brokerage provides to Cumberland County Government is difficult to measure but I firmly believe we are getting the best service available and the best bang for the buck for our employees.

-James “Chico” Silman, Risk Manager at Cumberland County

I have had the privilege of working with Mark III Brokerage and Jon Manfull since 2002 in many different areas of employee benefits. I can say first hand that they have a true understanding of the unique environment that many governmental agencies face. In that, we are constantly faced with the balancing act between taxpayers and employees.
Their team has depth and breadth, in that they can bring in a level of expertise from underwriting, to employee communications, to enrollments, to benefit rate and structure analysis which makes them a well-rounded broker (which is a hard thing to find). From my experience, they have always offered sound unbiased business advice while sincerely understanding our business needs and matching those needs up to the best products. They have always proven to be very prompt and responsive to all of our inquiries.
I would highly recommend Mark III without any hesitation based on my past experience.

-Jason Cody, Executive Director at First Tennessee Human Resources Agency

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Mark III Brokerage. I have worked with Mark III (since 2003), three years in Moore County and (since 2006) in Lee County.
Mark III has surpassed all of my expectations of a broker. The care and sincerity of the staff of Mark III is beyond any that I have ever received. The organization is highly qualified and always in tune to the latest benefits strategies in the marketplace.
Mark III is devoted to the objectives of the County and unfailingly handles our business with integrity and immediate response. Dedication to us, the customer and what is best for us is above reproach.
Mark III is a professional organization that puts the needs of the client first always. Treating the client with respect and integrity; they have the unwavering desire to obtain the best products at the desired costs for the client.

-Joyce McGehee, Human Resources Director at Lee County

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark III in two different schools systems and they provide an outstanding menu of products that need the needs of our employees. They provide quality customer service and are very responsive and knowledgeable of district needs.
Choosing Mark III as the provider of your company’s benefits is one of the best decisions you can make. Their expertise is invaluable and they have top notch employees from top to bottom.

-Aaron Beaulieu, Chief Financial Officer at Durham Public Schools

For over 6 years, Mark III has provided the employees of Rowan-Salisbury Schools with quality supplemental benefits. Everyone at their office is easily accessible and if an issue arises, a Mark III representative is always quick to respond and a pleasure to work with.
Mark III Employee Benefits provides Rowan-Salisbury Schools with an online annual enrollment and upload process. This make annual enrollment run very smoothly and increases employee participation each year while saving us countless hours of manual keying. We are currently working with Mark III n order to allow our employees online access for year round enrollment. We are excited to implement this project in partnership with Mark III
We are thoroughly impressed with their expertise and would highly recommend their services to others seeking a Cafeteria Benefit Plan.

-Carol Hatley & Lisa Dick, Insurance Specialist at Rowan-Salisbury Schools

On behalf of Johnson County schools, I would like to express my satisfaction with all the services provided by Mark III Employee Benefits to our school system. Johnson County Schools have implemented Dental, Vision, Cancer, Life, Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts through Mark III. The communication and enrollment process is enhanced by the use of benefits booklets and the enrollment team.
The Mark III staff is committed to serving our employees in any way possible and all issues are handled in a timely and professional manner.

-Barbara Hampton, Personnel/Payroll Clerk at Johnson County Schools

The service provided by Mark III is top quality. Whether it is the collaboration of teamwork, the information provided, being an advocate for our needs, or enthusiasm added to the person touch, Mark III has gone far and about our expectations. As a new client, we could not have expected more compared to the level of instruction provided in establishing the products within Smyth County Public Schools.

-Cole Spencer, Ed.D, Director of Human Resources at Smyth County Schools

Davidson County Schools started working with Mark III on our Section 125 program in 1992.
Mark III has demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to Davidson County Schools. Their professional evaluation of the voluntary benefits plan has assisted us in selecting products that provide our employees with the best coverage at reasonable rates.
Mark III has provided a benefits website at no cost for Section 125 enrollments to enhance the services offered to the employees of Davidson County Schools and provides a year-round source of benefits information that is available 24/7. They have salaried benefit counselors that do not push products, but actually take the time to explain the benefits to our employees during the enrollment and provide Cafeteria Benefits booklets in print and informative website for employees to review.
Mark III has demonstrated a commitment and service extending beyond the enrollment process, by assisting our payroll and finance department in post-enrollment follow up and claims resolution. Mark III helped facilitate the uploading of the enrollment elections into our payroll system, so that key entry was not required, saving the staff significant work hours.
In conclusion, it is a real pleasure to deal with a large employee benefits firm that still maintains solid family values. Not only does the Browder family display the highest level of character and integrity, but their employees do as well. I would highly recommend Mark III Brokerage to any other employer. They are competent, professional and serve the employees of Davidson County Schools well.

-Shelly Hodges, Benefits Representative at Davidson County Schools

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