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We ensure your employees understand their benefits and are enrolled properly.

Clients who choose Mark III as their Section 125 Plan broker are provided enrollment services free of charge. Here is how Mark III’s enrollment process stands above the rest:

Non-Commissioned Representative

  • Mark III uses our enrollment counselors for communication. Their sole purpose is to explain the benefits that are available to your employees and to answer their questions.
  • These enrollment counselors conduct enrollments throughout the plan year for Mark III.
  • All of these counselors have an average of over 10 years of experience. This is their only job responsibility, and thus, they have become very effective in helping employees understand the benefits that are being offered to them. The feedback we get from customers is that they care about the employees.

Educational Format

Mark III develops the communication strategy of an employee benefit based on the following considerations:

  • To whom is it being communicated?
  • Is the employee benefit complicated or difficult to understand?
  • What type of access do employees have to the Internet?
  • Are the employees accessible to meetings? Would those be in a group setting or on an individual basis?

Once those parameters have been established, we then begin to develop a communication campaign. We use print media and the Internet to get the information out to the employee base. Mark III can conduct meetings for employees on a group or individual basis.

Our enrollment process is set up on an educational format. We feel if the employee understands the basic philosophy of the product(s) and why the administration has chosen the product(s) being offered to them, they will be able to make an educated decision about what product(s) they elect to have.

The enrollment typically is a three-step approach:

  1. Group presentations are conducted to give the employees an overview of the services available.
  2. Employees can meet with enrollment counselors on an individual basis to review their current elections and to make changes.
  3. Employees can also go on the Web to make their enrollment selections.

In the end, we tailor our enrollment process to meet the desires of the Client.

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