Risk Management

Reviewing and assessing costs of risk to reduce loss.

Effective and responsive risk management and safety programs are “must-haves” in the education, business, and government worlds today.

The skills to develop these programs are specialized and involve assessing current efforts, analyzing risks, and taking best practice actions to reduce or eliminate risk exposure.

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is a logical and systematic process of managing an organization’s risk exposure while achieving its objectives in a manner that is consistent with public interest, human safety, environmental factors, and the law.

Overview of Services

Mark III Risk Management Services’ approach involves reviewing and assessing the actual costs of risk along with specific recommendations or other control measures to eliminate or reduce frequency and severity of losses. Our goal is to assist each client in effectively managing and controlling casualty and property claims, general liability issues, workers’ compensation losses, security and safety programs, and other internal risks. Our promise is to provide high quality risk management services and solutions that match our clients’ challenges in the following areas:

Risk Management

  • Program Development
  • General Liability Risk Management
  • Cyber Risk Safety
  • Evaluation of Loss Data and Loss Control Recommendations

Safety Assessment and Planning

  • Public School Safety and Security Assessments
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management
  • Environmental Risk and Safety Programs
  • Safety and Health Procedures and Policies
  • Safety Committee Programs
  • Playground Safety Assessments
  • Fleet Safety Management Programs
  • Hazard Communications Programs
  • Public School Science/Laboratory Safety
  • Student Accident Prevention and Investigations

Employee Centered

  • Workers’ Compensation Program Costs’ Evaluation
  • Employee Injury/Return to Work Programs
  • Strategic Internal Claim Reviews
  • Employee and Supervisor Workplace Safety Training Programs (including online training)
  • Employer Safety and Health Programs
  • Ergonomic Programs
  • Personal Protective Equipment Programs

Insurance and Legal Issues

  • Casualty and Property Insurance Program Analysis
  • Operational Loss Prevention
  • Major Loss Investigation and Reporting
  • OSHA/Industrial Commission Reviews (recording injuries, accidents, and illnesses)
  • Clinical Hygiene Plans

All Services

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