Benefit Administration

Mark III provides a benefits admin website gives authorized users full access and control over employee enrollments & benefits.

The website also gives HR, the ability to hold co-browse sessions with employees who are using the enrollment website. The HR or Mark III representative can observe an employee’s activity on the enrollment website or remotely take control of their browser to complete certain tasks, then return control to the employee as needed.

Mobile Responsive

Our system is designed to make admin as easy as possible. Easy benefit administration no matter on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!

Custom Tailored for You

Our system is setup to be fully configurable including logos, colors, brochures, forms, presentations, and videos. We can tailor the system for your needs.

Employee Profiles

Look up an employee, their benefits, create employee reports, and even initialize and guide an enrollment session remotely.

Guided Enrollment

Sometimes employees need help enrolling or electing benefits outside of our one-on-one meetings. Our system provides a way for our call center or your HR reps to guide and enroll employees remotely.


The benefits admin system includes several built-in reports as well as the ability to customize reports. Reports include billing, benefits statements, case extracts, benefits status, enrollment status, enrollment stats, mailing lists, carrier extracts, payroll, and more!

Data Exports

Data can be formatted to output to XML, CSV, Text, Excel, Access, and PDF. Data reports can also be setup to send automatically at specified times to anyone who needs the data. Data can also be manually exported.
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Client Trusted, Industry Proven Technology.

Our Benefit Administration & Online Enrollment Platform is designed to be an all-in-one solution making benefits easy for the employer and their employees. You're busy, it's time to work smarter not harder.

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